What to do during your summer holidays in Morillon and surroundings?

The Morillon leisure centre

The MORILLON LEISURE CENTRE, a free recreational park, is just 2 minutes from the chalet. Free parking is available in the immediate vicinity. The base is composed of a mountain lake (part of the water is reserved for swimming. Children and adults can enjoy swimming under the watchful eye of the lifeguards), a small sandy beach, large green spaces and picnic areas under the fir trees (shaded lawns) on the banks of the Giffre torrent, and play areas (various free facilities for children of different ages). Note the gravel footpath around the lake, ideal for baby carriages.

You will enjoy many leisure activities: tennis / accrobranche (3 courses for all levels and one course for 3 year olds and up) / pony riding (the equestrian center also offers a mini farm that you can visit. You can also take care of the farm animals) / mini golf / white water sports (rafting, canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, hydrospeed) / paddle on the lake / forest and mountain bike courses (fun route with curves, bumps etc. Free access) / petanque area / archery on the shooting range and in the forest) / fishing (free card for Morillon holidaymakers) / pumptrack, volleyball court, inflatable games park (big air bag). Concerts and various animations during all the summer.
Bar-restaurant “La Covagne” at the border of the lake.

Lac Bleu of Morillon, Haute-Savoie
Pony Lac Bleu in Morillon, Haute-Savoie
Tree climbing at the Lac Bleu in Morillon, Haute-Savoie France
A family with bikes around the Lac Bleu of Morillon, Haute-Savoie
A kid with bike at the Lac aux Dames in Samoëns, Haute-Savoie France

The Lacs aux Dames Leisure Centre of Samoëns

The LACS AUX DAMES LEISURE CENTRE OF SAMOËNS (swimming pool with slides, golf practice, games for young children) accessible from Morillon through the forest, on foot or by bike, is 4.5 km from the chalets. Also in Samoëns, the ice rink is open all year round. You will visit the botanical alpine garden of Jaysinia. Classified as a remarkable garden, it is located in the center of the village. From July to September, the Septitrain will take you on a commented tour of Samoëns / Les Vallons and back.

The Cirque of Fer-à-cheval

The Cirque du Fer-à-cheval

20 minutes from the chalets, explore the CIRQUE DU FER-À-CHEVAL, which takes its name from the shape of its semi-circular cliffs. Its impressive height (2000 meters) gives birth to a multitude of waterfalls whose number varies according to the seasons. The cirque is in the heart of the National Nature Reserve of Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval / Passy which was created in 1977 in the Giffre massif. It covers 9,200 ha, which makes it the largest in the Haute-Savoie department. More than 800 species (fauna and flora) have been recorded there. It is very easy to access on foot or by bike. The use of a stroller is even possible on a part of the route. You will wander along the “Bout du Monde” (End of the World) path that you may share with the sheep, ewes and lambs, goats, billy goats and kids that graze peacefully in the reserve. These animals maintain the mountain while enjoying a healthy, diverse and abundant diet. The shepherds perpetuate the pastoral tradition that is very much alive in the Alps.

Twin brother of the Cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrenees, the Cirque de Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval is a classified site. Closing the east of the Giffre Valley, it is an immense limestone amphitheater of about 5 km of development whose steep cliffs reach in places 700 m high. Dominated by the “Corne du Chamois“, it leans on the sides of the Tenneverge which culminates at 2985 meters.

The Criou

Emblematic summit of the Haut-Giffre valley, visible from the balconies of the Haut-Giffre Chalet, the CRIOU is a real invitation to go hiking. Between rocks and alpine pastures, once you reach its peak, you can see the valley, the Buet, the Sallière tower, the Pointe Rousse des Chambres and the Dents Blanches massif in a single glance. This hike will take you to the top of the Criou, a mountain symbolizing Samoëns village.
You will be able, from the balcony (CARLINE, OXALIS, HELLÉBORE), to admire at leisure the Criou and the surrounding mountains, particularly in the evening when the sun puts out its last rays. This magnificent view deserves photographs! or deserves your pics!

View of the Criou mountain in the Haut-Giffre
The Criou - Haut-Giffre - image haut-giffre.fr
Cascade du Rouget - Haute-Savoie France

The Cascade du Rouget

10 minutes from there, take a break in front of the majestic CASCADE DU ROUGET nicknamed the “Queen of the Alps“. It offers to its visitors a contemplative and refreshing moment. Very easy to access, the famous alpine waterfall is formed by 2 jumps and gushes 80 meters high.

Mont Blanc view from the Col of Joux Plane

The Col de Joux Plane

On the way back to Morillon, you will make a detour via the Col de Joux Plane, a mountain pass climbed 12 times by the Tour de France riders. Twice on the ascent of the pass, which is classified as a non-category difficulty (HC), you will be breathless in front of the grandiose Mont Blanc panorama.
Before starting the descent to Morzine, you will have the opportunity to admire the majesty of the “roof of Europe” a third time.

At Précision Ski, which is located just opposite our eco-responsible chalet and where our guests benefit from a 10% discount, you can rent bikes and mountain bikes with electric assistance, which will help you to cross the pass with ease. The difference in altitude with Morillon is, to the nearest meter, 1000 meters.

Visit Précision Ski website

Paraglading flying from La Bourgeoise Samoëns in Haute-Savoie France

From the Col de Joux Plane, you can hike to LA BOURGEOISE which culminates at 1770 m. The hike is easy and will lead you to the orientation table. The 360° view is amazing. You can even see our 2 chalets which are 1080 m lower.
Fishing is allowed in the lake of Joux Plane (fishing card available at the restaurant of the pass). Ducks, moorhens, herons and alpine animals come here to play, drink and reproduce.

Qu’il s’agisse de randonnées pédestres ou à vélo / vtt, et quels que soient l’âge ou le niveau de chacun, LE TERRAIN DE JEU EST IMMENSE !

10 mn from the chalets, you will visit the ECOMUSEUM OF CLOS PARCHET which welcomes the public during guided tours led by the Savoie Mont Blanc Heritage Guides. These visits are offered by the Savoie Mont Blanc Heritage Guides and include activities around the bread oven during the summer. Born from the desire to revive this traditional farm dating from 1815, the Clos Parchet Ecomuseum opened its doors in 1994. Visiting the ecomuseum is to discover the history of a family of the Haut-Giffre Valley through the visit of an authentic farm. It hosts the entire collection of Pierre and Simone Déchavassine. Pierre is the founder of the ecomuseum and restorer of the buildings. You will enter a traditional farm rich with many everyday objects and will be immersed in the past of a peasant family of the high valley. This farm is registered in the “Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments”. Located at 1000 meters of altitude on the adrets (southern slope of Samoëns), it is the testimony of family movements according to the seasons. Over time, it has changed from a temporary habitat called “mayeu” to a permanent habitat. This farmhouse has been restored and furnished “old-fashioned” so that you are truly immersed in the 19th century spirit. You will wander through the kitchen (the cuzna), the main room (le pèle), the stables, the hay barn, as well as the outbuildings (bread oven, attic, and shed). An exceptional collection of more than 2000 utensils illustrates the work in the fields and the old trades specific to the Haut-Giffre Valley and more generally to the Haute-Savoie region: agro-pastoralism, traditional crops, wood and stone work, etc. The visit, which lasts 2 hours, ends in a friendly atmosphere with a tasting of regional products.